VELOZ vs Set Tone Men




$260, $220, $180


8 PM

Run Time

90 minutes


Hong Kong City Hall, Concert Hall



Battle of Voices

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• For ages 6 and above

• No latercomers will be admitted until the interval or a suitable break in the programme.

• The presenter reserves the right to substitute artists and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances deem it necessary.


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This is a tale of two kingdoms.


  They are descendants of two distinguished bloodlines: the voice and instrument. The former, being  the  most  organic  and  instinctive  musical  instrument,  is  the  origin  of  all  musical possibilities. The latter, also called the harmonica, is the new frontier of musical colours and nuances.


The Kings of  Veloz  are  no  conservatives.  Inheriting  a  great tradition,  they  carry  their ancestors’  legacy  with  audacious attempts and experiments. Their music is heard in auditoriums, on the  streets, in the  corners and the  cyberworld. Their  sound is unheard of, unimaginable, unbelievably exciting and unexpected. They are true warriors of sound.


The  Knights of  Set  Tone  Men  are  quick  with  their  steps,  and  rich  in  their  tone.  Often stepping  into  no  man’s  land,  they  inspire  us  in  a  distant  yet  familiar  nostalgia  with  their arranged  cantopop  and  foreign  tunes.  Their rearrangements  are  afresh;  the  pieces  never sound  quite  the  same  under  the  Knight’s  voice.  God  forbids,  they  are  smashingly  good-looking too.


You will witness a battle between the two kingdoms. These bloodlines will present the world the best of their craft, the niche of their sound, the magic of their ensemble.


May the distinguished deserve their crown – The Voice of Voices.


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