Travel in Expressions




$200, $160


8 PM

Run Time

90 minutes


Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre




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Programme Highlights

Vier ernste Gesänge (Four Serious Songs), Op.121 – Brahms

Six Songs, Op.48 – Grieg

Six Elizabethan Songs – Argento

Songs of Travel – Vaughan Williams

Since the dawn of time there was an ancient spirit that is said to be a gift of God, a blessing from Nature. It is spiritual but not religious; it bounds to no genre, but to all genres; it belongs to no nation, but to all races. It is anything, everything.


It has the power to crush our minds, demolish our beliefs, and expose our deepest fears; while it may also lift our broken souls, empathise with our pain and heal our wounds.


With time it became a valuable friend of many great men. And many became great with its company.


The Spirit travels through time, experiences life via the depth of expression and the juices of joy and sorrow. The Spirit inspired the great Brahms to dedicate four serious verses from the bible in the anticipation of Clara Schumann’s death, in which he delivered feelings of life, death, faith, hope and charity. Grieg, inspired by Norwegian landscape, shared his love for nature with the Spirit in his many works.


Vaughan Williams was inspired to share his love of poetry. His work Songs of Travel was an experience only possible in the abstractive arts. The Spirit also inherits stories of great history and literature. Contemporary composer Dominick Argento even drew great references from literature in the Elizabethan era for their joint creation.


The Spirit is essentially expressive. It serves as a compass of our emotions. He guides our sentiments through time; it travels in expression.


The Spirit’s name is Music.

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